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Our mission is to make safe, standard cables for people and the environment. We keep developing various new and innovative products according to the market trend and we aim to be your best, most reliable and most innovative partners...

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MFI Product Packaging Requirement

What’s the MFI Product Packaging Requirement? As we mentioned at last article, after pass the test of mfi products, we need to submit the packaging to Apple for review. Apple has lots of requirement on Packaging as well. Let’s see what the MFI product packaging requirement is, and you can…

Why does the MFI Certified Lightning Cable so expensive?

If you used to buy an Anker or Amazon basic MFI certified iPhone Lightning Cable or other MFI Certified iPhone Cable, you will know that the price for a MFI Certified USB to Lightning Cable is over 8 USD or 10 USD. Why does the MFI Certified Lightning Cable so…

Differences between USB 3.0 3.1 and 3.2

Now we can see many usb cable advertised as USB 3.0, 3.1 Gen 1, 3.1 Gen 2, 3.2 Gen 1, 3.2 Gen 2 etc. Do you get confused on them? Today we would like to tell you the differences between USB 3.0 3.1 and 3.2. USB 3.0 Cable supports 5Gbps…

Apple MFI Certified List

Apple MFI Certified List What’s Apple mfi certification? Apple Inc.’s MFi Program, referring to “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”, is a licensing program for developers of hardware and software peripherals that work with Apple’s iPod, iPad and iPhone. Now there are “Made for Watch” and “Made for Magsafe” also available. How to check accessory is mfi certified? Below is…

What Plugs are Used in Different Countries

We have to use different plug when we travel to different countries, but do you know what plug are used in different countries? Below pictures explained the different plug are used in different countries. Related Topic How to check mfi certification 2021 Latest MFI aurthorized manufacturer list How to get…

Differences of Lightning Connector

Differences of Apple MFI Original Lightning Connector C48/C89/C91/C94/C100/C101 Regarding the mfi cable, we can see that there are many kind of lightning connector, such as C48/C89/C91/C94/C100/C101, you may get confuse what difference are they? Aren’t them the same lightning connector as they looks the same? C48 Lightning Connector C48 lightning…

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4celly specialized in developing and manufacturing phone accessories, such as MFI Certified iPhone Lightning Cable, USB-C Cable, Micro USB Cable, Wall Charger, Car Charger and so on. We have the most advanced testing and manufacturing facilities and a professional R&D team. Our team of engineers always works together with the manufacturing team to provide you one-stop solution from prototype to production.

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